From the Left: Let’s Not Forget the ‘T’ in LGBT – Opinion – The New Hampshire – The University of New Hampshire’s Student Newspaper

From the Left: Let’s Not Forget the ‘T’ in LGBT – Opinion – The New Hampshire – The University of New Hampshire’s Student Newspaper.

In response to this article by Dan FournierDan

I had a small novel written on my mobile phone commenting on this being shared on facebook.  It was so long my mobile phone locked up and it was lost.  Basically I was praising your story for bringing much needed attention to this very cause within our community.  As a Gay man I can attest to the struggles transsexual individuals fight to overcome

.  I am passionate about this topic as in my 30 years out have become close with many and two individuals especially close in best friendships.  As someone living with HIV/AIDS for 30 years know and have always appreciated the benefits provided in ways of medication, food, and support especially these last 12 years.  Seeing your article pass through my feed is a first on this topic as I have many a GLBT organization listed and supported.

Because of your article I was able to find even MORE information on this topic which needs attention.  I find it interesting how all media, and people refer to our communities.  GLBT, or LGBT or simply Gay or Lesbian.  However when the GLBT is spoken about it often  sounds like this: The Gay Lesbian Bisexual AND Trans sexual organization ….  Feeling like the Trans-sexual got the raw end of the deal like the professor and Mary Anne fate in the Gilligan’s theme song.  It took fans to get the theme song change to include their importance and showed equality for all those involved.

It is my hope my Gay brothers could put their issues on the docket to be discussed openly reaching OUT to help those in need.  With so many events for AIDS, our equality, adoption, discrimination, Marriage to name a few can’t understand  why I have never heard of a BIG GAY EVENT benefiting the Trans communities?  I have participated in a few shows dancing in locally promoted drag show to raise money for breast implants for a beloved member of the community.  I am not saying breast implants for everyone but what I am trying to stress where you left off is these individuals have give a much harder struggle coming out than the rest of us.  I may be dating myself by saying in my day many of my piers had a “drag mother” or someone who helped them come out of the closet.

Having had many drag sisters to help me it was ONE Trans sexual Mindy Sue Summers who literally gave me a backbone and feet to stand upon loud and proud.  I will always treasure our friendship and have rekindled an estranged dear friend from which I love deeply but have hurt in a public way. One could view this interest or fight for the “T” in GLBT as my penance or my Pay it Forward for HIV/AIDS assistance.

Whatever the reason this comment came to be I pray my voice will alert other voices to consider what YOU have brought to us with this IMPORTANT ISSUE..

.Thank you Thom Collins

From the Left: Let’s Not Forget the ‘T’ in LGBT – Opinion – The New Hampshire – The University of New Hampshire’s Student Newspaper

Gods Grace through Superdoll

Live from the Sunset Strip

Live from the Sunset Strip


Every now and then God’s grace finds it’s way back to me after a tough struggle or hardship. Some may view my putting a “Doll Convention” amongst Gods good graces as out of touch or immature. If this is the case or a question in your mind you either know me or have a relationship with God. I am not here to preach to anyone person but for some reason felt the need to explain myself on how my relationship with God and my love for collecting the Sybarites fall into the same category.

Without going into my living hell in 2012 I can sum it up by saying death, surgery, and suicide all of which deeply wounded my spirit and faith as all three of these were dealt with by 3 different people all within a 6 month radius. Never wanting my SUPERDOLL blogs to reflect my personal life or get confused with the mission statement or creation of there purpose and this was to be information, education, and most of all sharing IMAGERY of these beautiful wonders called the Sybarites.

WE all have our ways of dealing with stress, pain, and/or sadness. My way is ESCAPING into a world filled with Couture Creations and the Dolls who wear them. Photographing, posing, building diorama’s or set scenes for each letting my imagination and creativity go wild with endless options an possibilities. In my almost 4 years collecting these dolls have come to the realization they are more than just pretty to look at or collect. My Sybarite dolls have literally been heart savers and my muses to looking forward at a life filled with color and excitement and not just living in black and white anymore.

I still remember my begging my partner David on wanting to own just one. YES the infamous I only want just one routine which if you are a Sybarite collector you know all too well this is a big untruth one if not careful could end up in debt or worse become O.C.D.- Obsessive Couture Doll disorder. Having to admit to myself I had a problem with FBR or in Sybarite terms “Fashion Beyond Reason”. What this means is my Sybarites refused or I refused to dress them in anything BUT FBR which is the Superdoll Couture line specifically crafted with the Superdoll in mind.

My hat is off to the SuperDuo in a brilliant ad campaign from the days of Tattoo release to the V3 or Generation 3 today. If you own the Haute Doll with Couture Savage on the cover then you will understand better what I mean by brilliant ad campaign. Thinking now at how Couture Savage was not just the new girl on the block in Superdoll world but it was the way in which Charles described in an interview not with him but with CS herself. I fell head over heels in love with the whole concept of these Divas of delight having their own aura or personality so to speak.

On this eve of March 2nd 2012 after paying my deposit for my first Sybarite USA Convention Live on the Sunset Strip has brought me here to my blog in celebration for this chance of a lifetime and to say thank you to those who have supported me this last year during my darkest of hours. If you were to tell me 2013 would be a lucky year for me I would laugh in your face as I am very superstitious especially with numbers like 13. However not so superstitious my faith has never faltered not even come close. Which is why I chose to share my hope for this year and event to Gods Good Grace as a major factor in what I hope to be one of the happiest years and/or times of my life.

Another HUGE deal for me comes from this chance event. Finally being able to MEET in PERSON some of the KEY Collectors from who I have been emailing, posting, buying, selling, etc. from the last 4 or so years. One thing about technology I have learned in my 20 years online starting out with AOL 1.5 is first impressions get lost in the shuffle of bytes, RAM, and modems. I have always said if you are in a bad mood or feel rushed in some way not to read emails from friends or work partners as your feelings can easily read into a letter more than what you think it was meant as.

I have gotten myself into many a situations over the years by being sarcastic and playful only to realize in the long run it was not seen as fun or playful but taken way too seriously which then only leads to endless posts and emails obsessing about hurting ones feelings. Knowing not all but a handful of collectors and I will finally meet in person will hopefully and finally put to rest any uncertainty about my character and integrity and I don’t mean dolls. Two qualities I take very seriously and find it almost impossible to protect online if the group you run with has never met you in reality only virtual reality.

Could I be hoping too much, after all maybe the powers that be regardless will think I am an asshole?

I am okay with this as you can’t please everyone but to have the chance to please someone is worth the price of the event and who knows more connections and friendships will lead to more DOLLS.

Wanting to go some more about what is up ahead like my documentation of a complete sueding, cleaning, and re stringing of a ONE Couture Savage with photos and directions starting later this early morning. My prayers are to do a great job where it has some value among other collectors who like myself were fearful of re stringing their dolls. After last year I have come to embrace RISK and weigh whatever the RISK is options and go from there.

Not a wealthy person but comfortable and smart enough to have a back up plan if need be. But I can’t fear my dolls anymore as they at one point caused more stress than enjoyment. The worse could happen is I break one of her pieces. The best is I succeed and am able to share the process with all of you.

So in closing I have come to enjoy sharing my favorite and/or inspiring individuals be it by crafting, molding sewing, and my favorite photography taking of the Superdoll. This inspiring Sybarite collector needs no introduction only applause. Crazy dolls or better known as DA DA within the community I share with you the link to her AWESOME Flickr collection.


DA DA flickr feed

DA DA flickr feed



Creative Chaos

display cabinet decisions

Creative Chaos

I have missed being online and on-board with all you doll lovers.  As some of you may know my beloved partner David of almost 29 years has taken a turn for the worse and time is of the essence.

I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to all who have written letters, posts, comments, and well wishes for both myself and for David.  My promise to him just a month or so ago was to have all of my Sybarite’s displayed for everyone to see.  He had noticed just before he got ill package after package though small was still arriving.

He knows they were not Sybarite dolls but he was smart enough to clock the FBR couture could be in these packages.  He said to me you know Thom don’t you think it is getting a little ridiculous as you have collected your “JUST ONE” doll sarcastically speaking as well as have three custom made cabinets just for Sybarites to be displayed in your friend Jim (OKCJimbo thank you always) gave you yet still they are empty.

At first I wanted to scream at him but then I calmly said to him you don’t know anything about collecting, it takes planning and besides my diorama idea is not yet complete as I am…”COLLECTING” he shouts with a playful tone whereas I was going to say “WAITING” on a few items to arrive.

He then said with nothing but love behind it as he know my addictive personality by saying “you know I support you in every way, but wouldn’t it make better sense to enjoy them.  I would like to see them after listening to you the last two years about how GRAND the outfit is, or how rare this piece is, or there is only 75 in the world”

It was right then I promised him and myself I would have them up before my parents came to visit us last month on June 19th.  This conversation we had took place around the 1st of June.  So I started at the top with PEEP and took her out of her box as she was a NRFB doll I had bought and one of my Holy Grail Sybarites.

After spending the entire day trying to decide what accessories and backgrounds etc to use.  When I was finally done and ready to pose Peep in her new home I tried to use the saddle stand but just couldn’t do it.  I ended up using one of my Innoquii stands for secure holding.   So happy I got one done knew I had allot of work to do as there were 5 more spots to go and 8 dolls to display yet still.

The very next day David was rushed to the hospital and was released just 5 days before my parents arrived.  We are now in our third week in hospice care.  David is in a hospital bed to my left as I type this in my doll room ( was a dining room).

After 3 hours of extracting each doll from her casing including my brand NEW SLIPPER which arrived 3 days ago and just opened (thanks Karin) as the finale’ of a glorious morning.  Now as some are nude and others are in the Original SuperFrock best I have them situated deciding who goes where and with what.

Once again I find myself stressing out and pondering what props and backdrops etc. I should use.  Upon seeing Jim’s displayed Sybarites in the very same cabinets he gave me I wanted them to be just as glorious as he made his.  But lets face it, merchandising, composition, window dressing, diorama whatever you want to call it is an art or God given Talent.

I am one of those poor gay guys who missed the class on Interior decorating but in my High School days took Home economics two years.  Anyway aside from the stereotypes lets just say I doubt myself more than I should.

So I remembered my trusty book on photography called IN FOCUS by FDQ and there was something about keeping it simple, stupid.  I even think Terri Gold said this in her coverage on setting up.

Well, I may not be taking photos of them every minute of the day but the same rule applies I would assume.  This being said under the circumstances decided the Sybarites look even better as they stand alone.

In other words they look great with or without props if lit and posed the right way and as a former model I know how to “VOGUE” if you catch my drift.

Well I don’t know when the next time I will be updating this page but if you follow me on facebook or want to you can friend request me or just go to the page I have dedicated to David with updates and information called HIV/AIDS survival bible.

Again thanks for all the support and look forward to sharing the final images with you sooner than later.

What is your Dolls Dollar Sign?

Dollar sign for dolls?

What's your Dolls Dollar Sign?

Insurance for our beloved dolls is so important, but it is also time consuming pending on how large your doll collection is. I have been working on getting my collection insured as I live in Oklahoma with Tornado Alley just down the block.

I won’t lie and say it is not time consuming however it is also great for organizing. I searched long and hard for a program or utility to help me inventory all of my items. I tried the free ones, and tested the expensive trials offered by others. I settled on a all purpose built program made with the doll collector in mind. I have the links to both the program and the Collectibles Insurance policy company I am now working with.

I know many of my Sybarite friends have EXPENSIVE collections and I can’t believe I didn’t think of doing this sooner. We buy all the Haute couture Luxury can buy, display cabinets of all shapes and sizes to showcase our love for our dolls, but forget about Mother Nature or God Forbid a break in?

I hope these links will help you find some inner peace as it has helped me in more ways than one. SEee you soon          Collect Insure                  Manage my Collectibles